Fields of Action

The Anti-trafficking and Exploitation Unit at KAFA works on building an opinion against trafficking and exploitation of two groups of women vulnerable to these forms of violence: women migrant domestic workers and women in prostitution. 
The Unit also calls for a better legal and social protection for victims and women and girls at risk. 
Several approaches are used to reach these objectives, such as: advocacy work, research, awareness-raising activities, capacity building and community support, and service providing to victims.

Starting from the belief that ending gender-based violence is the responsibility of the society as a whole, every believer in human rights and equality can be engaged in the fight against Violence Against Women (VAW).

The Child Protection Program at KAFA (CPP) works on combating abuse and violence against children, with a focus on gender-based violence and sexual abuse. By working with children and youth, the CPP is contributing efforts to put an end to violence and discrimination.

KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation runs a support center (SC) that provides women and children victims of violence with social, legal, and psychological support. The SC is a safe space operated by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who offer support to women and children, regardless of their nationality and religious sect or any other status.