Fields of Action

The Family Violence Unit operates on two levels, the first is legal and the second is awareness-raising.

On the legal level, the Unit launches campaigns to stifle discrimination against women laws and submits draft laws that protect women from violence and achieve equality within the family.

KAFA’s Anti-Trafficking and Exploitation Unit addresses two forms of exploitation that specifically target women: sexual exploitation and trafficking and forced domestic work, through two programs dedicated to these two groups of women: exploited in prostitution and migrant domestic workers.

The Unit also calls for providing legal and social protection for women and girls who are victims of exploitation and trafficking, and for changing the discriminatory social mentality prevailing against these two groups of women.

The KAFA Child Protection Program works on combating abuse and violence against children and put an end to discrimination. The program aims to improve prevention and protection measures for children and adolescents to create safe environments for them, by working closely with parents, caregivers, service providers, children, and adolescents.

Through its work, KAFA combines several methods and strategies, while always applying a child participatory approach. Its main methods and approaches include:

KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation runs a support center (SC) that provides women and children victims of violence with social, legal, and psychological support. The SC is a safe space operated by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who offer support to women and children, regardless of their nationality and religious sect or any other status.