Support center


KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation runs a support center (SC) that provides women and children victims of violence with social, legal, and psychological support. The SC is a safe space operated by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who offer support to women and children, regardless of their nationality and religious sect or any other status. 
The work of the SC is guided by the principles of respecting the safety and privacy of the beneficiaries, maintaining confidentiality, and encouraging the autonomy and empowerment of the beneficiaries.

All services offered by the SC are free of charge.

24/7 Support line for women and children victims of violence: 03 018019

Services offered by KAFA’s Support Center to women victims of violence:

  • Listening and counseling by a specialized social worker to help the woman identify the problem and take the decision that suits her case best
  • Free legal consultation and guidance throughout the legal procedures
  • Psychotherapeutic services
  • Referral to a safe shelter when needed

Services offered by KAFA’s support center to children victims of violence:

  • Listening to the child and his/her parents/legal guardians, and setting the best protection plan for him/her
  • Psychotherapeutic services
  • Locomotive and speech therapy when needed
  • Legal follow-up in coordination with UPEL (The Union for the Protection of Juveniles)

Activities of the Support Center:

  • Support groups
  • Art therapy sessions, drama therapy, drawing, etc.
  • Awareness-raising sessions on different topics that interest the beneficiaries
  • Life skills sessions
  • Psychosocial support activities


"I am afraid. I am afraid I’ll be separated from my children, scared I will be thrown on the street. I cannot live in this nightmare any longer." This is the state in which women who contact Kafa’s support center are living.

« A woman was beaten up by her brother and kicked out of the house. She is now on the street. » « A woman is now being physically assaulted in her own house. »

« He took away my one-week-old son. » « A man beat up his wife with a rolling pin and broke her arm. He left the house where she stayed with her children. »

Amal found a house to shelter her, however, many other victims of abuse don’t have anywhere to go due to the current situation. One woman used to find refuge at her sister’s house, in times of need, but this time, her sister could not receive her, for fear of catching the Coronavirus. Furthermore, the shelters that usually host women victims of violence are not receiving new cases, according to Kafa’s sources, for the same reason.
“They look at us like we were the Virus itself.” Those were the words of a Syrian woman during one of the weekly social support sessions that Kafa has been organizing for the past three weeks via WhatsApp. The sessions are attended by 142 Syrian women from 65 camps in Northern Bekaa.
Women whose cases were tackled by Sunni, Shiite, Christian and Druze religious courts, whose laws are similar in discriminating against women. Some of them were forcibly married as minors, some were prohibited from seeing their children and some were convicted of “disobedience” because they sought refuge at shelters.