Child protection


The KAFA Child Protection Program works on combating abuse and violence against children and put an end to discrimination. The program aims to improve prevention and protection measures for children and adolescents to create safe environments for them, by working closely with parents, caregivers, service providers, children, and adolescents.

Through its work, KAFA combines several methods and strategies, while always applying a child participatory approach. Its main methods and approaches include:

• Increasing societal awareness by producing knowledge, research, campaigns, and developing specialized training tools and informational and educational materials designed to target different groups.

• Strengthening the capacity of service providers in the public and private sectors.

• Raising awareness and capacity building of local communities.

• Empowering children and youth through psychosocial support programs.

• Advocating for better legislation for the protection of children from violence and abuse and the creation of child-friendly policies and spaces in public and private institutions.

• Providing legal, social, and psychological support to children and adolescents victims of gender-based violence, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation through the support center.


A Journey of empowerment is a short documentary that shows the first beginnings of the child protection unit at KAFA intervention in the Syrian Crisis. This film will elaborate on the action plan of protecting children and adolescents from Gender-Based Violence.

Despite the struggles Ahmad faced as a refugee in Lebanon, he was able to fulfill some of his ambitions.
Rouna immigrated with her family to Lebanon 8 years ago, but she didn’t get the chance to continue her education.
Through their mediation with families over the past two years, the members working on the ‘child protection’ project and the committees were able to stop 26 child marriages.

“Meanwhile”, a lot can happen

“Meanwhile”, ARTis created

“Meanwhile” can be just another art project,

only that this time it is created
by the youth and for the youth!