CHOICE, A Program For Men”

Violence is a choice; non-violence is also a choice.

With the aim to increase women and children’s safety, KAFA created “CHOICE, A Program For Men”. CHOICE aims at assisting men who have perpetrated violence of any kind (physical, psychological, economical, among other types of violence) towards their partners, children, and/or other family members to develop non-abusive relationships. Moreover, with the aim to decrease sexual and gender-based violence as well as to create a gender equal society, CHOICE also works on the community level by challenging gender norms and traditional masculinity through awareness raising sessions and media campaigning.


Individual work with men:

At CHOICE, we work effectively with men in a non-judgmental and supportive environment to assist them in changing their behaviors and mindsets as well as in gaining skills that enable them to become non-abusive.

The program starts with two introductory sessions further to which a modular structured program is delivered as individual work for at least 24 weekly sessions. These sessions include several topics related to the use of abusive behaviors and their repercussions on the participant as well as on his family members. The sessions also explore how to reduce these behaviors and find alternative ones. The program could also include a six-week men’s group sessions that will engage men in deconstructing and re-building their masculinity.



Awareness raising sessions:


CHOICE offers awareness raising sessions with the larger public to engage men as well as women to promote and support gender equality in Lebanon, with a specific emphasis on re-defining masculinity and addressing the root causes of men’s violence against women. 


The awareness raising can be done through an introductory session that would give a general idea on the subject matter or through a series of sessions tailored to go deeper into the individual perception/experience of masculinity.


For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 81 66 55 32