The brief of this qualitative exploratory study was to conduct targeted interviews with female employers of migrant domestic workers, psychiatrists, lawyers and institutional stakeholders in Lebanon.

The study seeks to address human trafficking for labor exploitation in particular. The primary objective is to identify and analyze the key factors that make migrant domestic workers vulnerable to human trafficking within the context of Lebanon.

The problem of child sexual abuse (CSA) has scarcely been addressed in the Arab World, despite its prevalence worldwide.

Through this study, KAFA aims to shed light on some of the crimes committed against women and girls within the context of the family structure and its relations.

The exploitation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon has been the subject of heightened attention in the media and by international organizations.

The compendium is first and foremost a set of 65 handpicked basketball drills developed for the weekly street level practices in disadvantaged communities.

This booklet includes guidelines intended to help the social worker in her interviews with women, enabling her to provide them with the proper basic legal information.